Rate limiting

Understand the rate limits for Hiro APIs and the STX Faucet.

API rate limits

The following rate-limits (in requests per minute, or RPM) are applicable for all Hiro APIs as of November 2023:

API keyRate Limit
No50 requests per minute (RPM) per client IP, for unauthenticated traffic
Yes500 requests per minute (RPM), regardless of origin IP, with an authenticated API key

These rate-limits apply to the entirety of API traffic, regardless of whether it's from one or all of these APIs:

These new rate limits help us ensure fair usage of Hiro APIs and provide the best possible service as our community of developers and applications grow.

Need an API key?

You can create one for free in the Hiro Platform.

STX Faucet rate limits

Note: this faucet is for Stacks testnet and provides testnet STX, which has no monetary value.

TypeRate Limit
Stacking requests1 request per 2 days
Regular STX requests1 request per minute (RPM)