Archive Overview

The Hiro Archive is a series of data snapshots for services in the Stacks ecosystem.

The Hiro Archive enables you to quickly bootstrap supported services with pre-loaded data, which otherwise could take you days or weeks to acquire when syncing from genesis. This is a public service Hiro offers as a free benefit to the Stacks community.

Verify archive data

All datasets have an associated SHA256 hash file which can be used to verify the integrity of the downloaded dataset. As some of the archives are quite large, this is useful to ensure the file you've downloaded matches the file maintained in the Hiro Archive.

After downloading an archive file and its associated shasum file, you can verify the integrity of the archive file like so:

    echo "$(cat <SHASUM FILE> | awk '{print $1}')  <ARCHIVE FILE>" | shasum --check

    # Example
    echo "$(cat mainnet-stacks-blockchain-api-latest.sha256 | awk '{print $1}')  mainnet-stacks-blockchain-api-latest.gz" | shasum --check

    # If the integrity check succeeds, a log will be printed indicating so
    mainnet-stacks-blockchain-api-latest.gz: OK

    # Otherwise a log will be printed indicating failure
    mainnet-stacks-blockchain-api-latest.gz: FAILED
    shasum: WARNING: 1 computed checksum did NOT match

If the integrity check fails for any reason, you may need to delete the local archive and re-attempt the download. If issues persist, switch to a different network and try again.

Supported services

We record and archive mainnet and testnet snapshots for the following services every night: