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Setup development environmentSetup development environment

Setup development environment

Hiro developer tools provide an easy, complete development environment without the need to install multiple packages. Simply install Clarinet and start building on Stacks.

Write and test smart contractsWrite and test smart contracts

Write and test smart contracts

Check out our extensive library of tutorials for guidance on how to write smart contracts in Clarity using Hiro developer tools.

Troubleshoot contractsTroubleshoot contracts

Troubleshoot contracts

Clarinet provides powerful debugging tools and troubleshooting your smart contracts locally, so you don't have to deploy work-in-progress code to a live blockchain.

Deploy contractsDeploy contracts

Deploy contracts

Quickly go from local development to a live testnet using Clarinet's configurable deployment system.

Integrate contracts and appsIntegrate contracts and apps

Integrate contracts and apps

Use the local DevNet to integrate your smart contracts with a web frontend, or check out some example apps that demonstrate the local integration environment.

Deploy appsDeploy apps

Deploy apps

Easily deploy and manage your full stack app with Hiro developer tools.