Chainhook Overview

Chainhook enables you to target events on the Bitcoin and Stacks blockchain important to your use case in order to trigger actions based on those events.

Chainhook is a reorg-aware indexer that serves reliable blockchain data—you don’t have to waste time reindexing your database every time there’s a fork. Chainhook also lets you index only the data you need, which means you can build lighter databases, get faster query results, and deliver a better experience to your users.

To get started, check out our installation guide.

Create event streams

Setting up Chainhook predicates

  • Ordhook: Simplify your testing with the Clarinet JS SDK.
  • Hiro Platform: Streamline your app development in our hosted dev experience.

Need help building with Chainhook? Reach out to us on the #chainhook channel on Discord under the Hiro Developer Tools section. There's also a weekly office hours on Discord every Thursday at 11am ET.