Hiro Platform Overview

A cloud-based development environment to kickstart your app development on Stacks.

The Hiro Platform is a hosted developer experience for creating, testing, and deploying smart contracts. It comes pre-installed with several tools, including Clarinet, VS Code, and a private blockchain network for testing, so you can spend less time setting up and more time building.

You can also set up custom event streams via chainhooks and manage API keys for Stacks and Ordinals.


  • Clarinet: Prefer to stay local? Build and deploy smart contracts on your device with Clarinet.
  • Chainhook: You don’t need the platform to create event streams. Leverage chainhook independently, so your app can react to on-chain events in real time.
  • Stacks.js: Don’t reinvent the wheel and build faster with a JS library that handles basic functions.

Need help building with Clarinet? Reach out to us on the #clarinet channel on Discord under Hiro Developer Tools section. There's also a weekly office hours on Discord every Thursday at 11am ET.