Contributors guide

Learn how to contribute to Hiro's documentation and content.

Some examples use the gh CLI package for creating issues and forking. To install that package, click here.


If you find content that is obsolete, technically inaccurate, or unclear, start by creating an issue.

This is a great way to give specific feedback and ensure the technical content is up-to-date and technically accurate.

gh issue create

For creating an issue via the web, go here.

Pull requests

To suggest more comprehensive changes or make updates yourself, feel free to make documentation changes by forking the repo and then submitting a pull request.

  1. Fork the repo and clone it.
gh repo fork hirosystems/docs

For forking via the web, go here.

  1. Create a new branch and make your changes.
git checkout -b my-branch
  1. Commit your changes with a message with a brief summary message:
git commit -m "commit message"
  1. Push up your branch:
git push origin my-branch

PR titles should be descriptive enough for reviewers to understand what is being changed and have a description that explains why the change is being made.