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Deploy Project

This article walks you through the deployment process of your project. Once you have your clarity contracts ready for your project, you can deploy the project easily using the Hiro Platform.


Use the deploy button

Once you have your smart contracts ready, you can deploy them to mainnet/testnet environments using the Deploy button on the Hiro Platform.

The following are the steps to deploy your contracts using the Deploy button.

  1. On the projects page, select the project you want to deploy to the blockchain.

  2. Then, in the list of the contracts displayed for the project, select the contract you are ready to deploy.

  3. Use the Deploy button available on the right side of the contract.

  4. Choose the environment to deploy - Deploy to Testnet or Deploy to Mainnet. deploy to environments

  5. Once you choose the environment, a pop-up window opens up connecting your wallet, scroll down and select confirm to deploy the contract to your chosen environment.


  6. While the deployment is in progress, you will see the status as In mempool under the environment field for the contract.

    In mempool

  7. Once the deployment is confirmed, you will see the status of the contract as Deployed under the chosen environment.

    Mainnet deployment

Monitor your contract in Explorer

This section helps you with the steps to monitor your contract in the Explorer.

  1. You can now use the Pop-out button View explorer beside the deployed status to monitor your contract in Explorer. Exporer view
  2. The view explorer button opens up Explorer to view the contract you just deployed in the mainnet/testnet environments. Explorer
  3. You can check the summary of your contracts, contract details, etc., in Explorer.

If you find issues with your deployment process, you can refer to the FAQ section or file an issue here.