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Archive Project

Sometimes, you may find it necessary to archive a project from your project list. It is important to understand archiving a project is not the same as deleting a project. Archiving a project means you wish to move the project status from an active project to one that is not active and visible in your project list.

Archive a project

Follow the steps below to archive a project:

  1. Use your credentials to sign in to the Hiro Platform.
  2. Once you are authenticated and taken to the Project page, you will see a list of your projects.
  3. Select the project you wish to archive from the project list.
  4. Click on the far-right three dots and select Archive. This removes your project from the project list and places it into an archive folder.

Unarchive a project

Follow the steps below to unarchive a project:

  1. On the projects page, if you wish you unarchive a project, select the Archive button at the top and select the far-right three dots and select Unarchive.
  2. Once the project is unarchived, you should see that project listed on the projects page.

Deleting a project is not yet available in the BETA version.