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Getting Started

You can register an account or sign in to the Hiro Platform using

  • Email
  • Google
  • GitHub
  • Discord

Once signed in, you will have full access to all aspects of the Hiro Platform.

Create or import project

Now that you are signed in using one of the above methods, you can create or import a new project. You can do this by referring to create project.

create and import project

Create and build contracts

Once you create or import a project, you can view the contracts in your projects and edit them using the VS Code editor available. You can further customize your projects or contracts.

create and build contracts

Deploy project

Once your Clarity contracts are ready to deploy, follow the deploy project guide to deploy your contracts to testnet or mainnet networks.

Deploy project

Monitor contracts

To monitor the progress of your deployed contract, you can use the links to Explorer assigned to each contract and verify the submitted deployment transaction.

explorer view


Create & Use Chainhooks

The Hiro Platform offers a hosted version of Chainhook, allowing you to create and use Chainhooks without needing to setup your own instance.