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Can Chainhook target both Bitcoin and Stacks?

Chainhooks can listen and act on events from the Bitcoin and Stacks network.

Can I use chainhook for cross-chain protocols?

Yes, Chainhooks can be used for coordinating cross-chain actions. You can use chainhook on Bitcoin, ordinals, and Stacks.

Can I use chainhook for chain-indexing?

Chainhook can easily extract the information needed to build (or rebuild) databases for a front end.

Can I use Chainhook with distributed nodes?

The chainhook event observer was designed as a library written in Rust, which makes it very portable. Bindings can easily be created from other languages (Node, Ruby, Python, etc.), making this tool a very convenient and performant library, usable by anyone.

How can I connect chainhook with Oracles?

Oracles, in general, do the following:

  1. Capture relevant on-chain events
  2. Process the events via some off-chain, centralized logic
  3. Commit the resultant data on-chain

Chainhook can be used to efficiently capture relevant on-chain events and forward them to off-chain services.

How can I use Chainhook in my application?

Chainhook can be used from the exposed RESTful API endpoints. A comprehensive OpenAPI specification explaining how to interact with the Chainhook REST API can be found here.

Can I run chainhook on mainnet?

Yes, you can run chainhook on both the testnet and mainnet.

How can I optimize chainhook scanning?

Use adequate values for start_block and end_block in predicates by reducing the number of network hops between the chainhook and the bitcoind process.