Stacks.js Overview

A collection of JavaScript libraries to build web applications on Stacks.

Stacks.js is a JavaScript/TypeScript SDK for building on the Stacks blockchain. It's a collection of various JavaScript libraries that allow you to broadcast a transaction with the Stacks blockchain, construct post-conditions, and more. Some of the most important building blocks, all in one place.

Stacks.js is separated into many smaller packages, which can be installed individually. Most packages are published to npm under the @stacks scope.

For more details, check out out our installation guide.


  • Clarinet: Build your app in a local environment on Stacks.
  • Stacks Connect: Interact with the Stacks blockchain with your wallet extension.
  • Hiro Platform: Build your app in the cloud in a hosted environment.
  • Stacks Blockchain API: Fetch data and broadcast transactions with the Stacks Blockchain API.

Need help building with Stacks.js? Reach out to us on the #stacks-js channel on Discord under the Hiro Developer Tools section. There’s also a weekly office hours on Discord every Thursday at 11am ET.