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What is Clarinet?

Clarinet provides a CLI package with a clarity runtime, an REPL, and a testing harness. Clarinet includes a Javascript library, testing environment, and a browser-based Sandbox. With Clarinet, you can rigorously iterate on your smart contracts locally before moving into production.

Clarinet consists of two components:

  • Clarity REPL (Read, Evaluate, Print, Loop)
  • Testing harness.

When the above components are used together, you can rapidly develop and test a Clarity smart contract, with the need to deploy the contract to a local devnet or testnet environments.


To better understand Clarinet and how to develop with Clarinet, Hiro has created an introductory video tutorial series, from Hiro Engineer Ludo Galabru, that will guide you through some of the basics and fundamentals of using Clarinet. The video also includes how you can use Clarinet to develop, test, and deploy smart contracts.

To view these video tutorials, please see Hiro's Youtube channel. Clarinet101

For more latest information on Clarinet product, refer to blog posts on Clarinet.

When developing smart contracts, you can also use the Clarity Visual Studio Code plugin.