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Create new Project

Once you have installed Clarinet, you may then use Clarinet to create a new project.

Topic covered in this guide:

New project

To create a new project, enter the command shown below.

clarinet new my-project && cd my-project

Clarinet creates a project directory with the following directory layout:

├── Clarinet.toml
├── contracts
├── settings
│ └── Devnet.toml
│ └── Testnet.toml
│ └── Mainnet.toml
└── tests

The Clarinet.toml file contains configuration files for the smart contracts in your project. Clarinet will add contracts to this file when you create contracts in your project.

The settings/Devnet.toml file contains configuration for accounts in the Clarinet console, including the seed phrases and initial balances. Initial balances are in microstacks (uSTX).