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Check Contracts

Clarinet provides syntax and semantics checkers for Clarity.

Topic covered in this guide:


You can verify if the Clarity code in your project is valid with the command listed below.

clarinet check

This command uses the Clarinet.toml file to locate and analyze all the contracts in the project. If the Clarity code is valid, the command will indicate success with the response below.

✔ 2 contracts checked

The command may also report warnings indicating the code is valid.

You may also perform a syntax-check on a single file by using the command below.

clarinet check <path/to/file.clar>

The command output will be a success message if there are no syntax errors.

✔ Syntax of contract successfully checked

Any syntactical errors in the Clarity code will be reported, but type-checking and other semantic checks are not performed. This is because Clarinet is only looking at this one contract and needs the full context to perform a complete check.