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Add new Contract


Clarinet can handle adding a new contract and its configuration to your project.

Topics covered in this guide:

New Contract

You can use the command below to add a new contract.

clarinet contract new bbtc

Clarinet will add two files to your project:

  • the contract file in the contracts directory
  • the contract test file in the tests directory
├── Clarinet.toml
├── contracts
│ └── bbtc.clar
├── settings
│ └── Devnet.toml
│ └── Mainnet.toml
│ └── Testnet.toml
└── tests
└── bbtc_test.ts

Contract Configuration

Clarinet will also add your contract configuration in the Clarinet.toml.

path = "contracts/my-contract.clar"
clarity_version = 2
epoch = 2.4

You can add contracts to your project by adding the files manually; however, you must make sure to add the appropriate configuration to Clarinet.toml for Clarinet to recognize the contracts.