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Rosetta Support

The Stacks Blockchain API supports v1.4.6 of the Rosetta specification. This industry open standard makes it easy to integrate blockchain deployment and interaction.

Testing the Rosetta APIs

To build and run the stx-rosetta.Dockerfile image, run the following command:

docker run -d -p 3999:3999 --mount source=rosetta-data,target=/data \
--name stx-rosetta stx-rosetta:stable```
By default, this will connect to the testnet. To run a local node, run the following command:
```docker run -d -p 3999:3999 --mount source=rosetta-data,target=/data \
--name stx-rosetta -e STACKS_NETWORK=mocknet stx-rosetta:stable```
To use a recent version of [rosetta-cli]( to test the endpoints, use the following command:
```rosetta-cli --configuration-file rosetta-cli-config/rosetta-config.json \
view:block 1
rosetta-cli --configuration-file rosetta-cli-config/rosetta-config.json \
`rosetta-cli` will then sync with the blockchain until it reaches the tip, and then exit, displaying the test results.
Currently, account reconciliation is disabled; proper testing of that feature requires token transfer transactions while `rosetta-cli` is running.
Documentation for the Rosetta APIs can be found [here](
You may also review Data and Construction Rosetta endpoints [here](