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To make API responses more compact, lists returned by the API are paginated. For lists, the response body includes:

  • limit: the number of list items return per response
  • offset: the number of elements to skip (starting from 0)
  • total: the number of all available list items
  • results: the array of list items (length of array equals the set limit)

Here is a sample response:

"limit": 10,
"offset": 0,
"total": 101922,
"results": [
"tx_id": "0x924e0a688664851f5f96b437fabaec19b7542cfcaaf92a97eae43384cacd83d0",
"nonce": 308,
"fee_rate": "0",
"sender_address": "ST39F7SA0AKH7RB363W3NE2DTHD3P32ZHNX2KE7J9",
"sponsored": false,
"post_condition_mode": "deny",
"post_conditions": [],
"anchor_mode": "on_chain_only",
"block_hash": "0x17ceb3da5f36aab351d6b14f5aa77f85bb6b800b954b2f24c564579f80116d99",
"parent_block_hash": "0xe0d1e8d216a77526ae2ce40294fc77038798a179a6532bb8980d3c2183f58de6",
"block_height": 14461,
"burn_block_time": 1622875042,
"burn_block_time_iso": "2021-06-05T06:37:22.000Z",
"canonical": true,
"tx_index": 0,
"tx_status": "success",
"tx_result": {},
"microblock_hash": "",
"microblock_sequence": 2147483647,
"microblock_canonical": true,
"event_count": 0,
"events": [],
"tx_type": "coinbase",
"coinbase_payload": {}

Using the limit and offset properties, you can paginate through the entire list by increasing the offset by the limit until you reach the total.