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Ordhook Overview

Ordhook enables you to build Ordinals event streams, so you can create accurate databases that gracefully handle Bitcoin forks and reorgs.

Ordhook is a reorg-aware indexer that automatically handles chain forks, so you don’t need to waste time or resources reindexing your database. With a familiar event-driven framework, you can customize what Ordinals data you index in order to create lightweight databases for faster query responses and a better user experience.

Install Ordhook

Clone the Ordhook Repo:

git clone

Navigate to the root directory and run cargo ordhook-install to install:

cd ordhook && cargo ordhook-install

Create Event Streams

Ordinals API: Skip the infrastructure setup and get the ordinals data you need from our Ordinals API, which is powered by Ordhook.

Ordinals Explorer: Explore ordinals inscriptions and BRC-20 tokens rapidly in our Ordinals Explorer.

Need help building with Ordhook? Reach out to us on the #chainhook channel on Discord under the Hiro Developer Tools section. There’s also a weekly office hours on Discord every Thursday at 11am ET.