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Nakamoto Updates

Stacks Explorer: What's New

Introducing a Fresh View for Blocks

The Stacks Explorer now features a new way to display blocks, aligning with the Nakamoto upgrade's approach of multiple STX blocks settling into one BTC block.

Block View

Tailored Viewing Experience

This new view is available on Nakamoto Testnet, accessible via the Network dropdown.

Two Distinctive Display Modes

  1. Independent Display: Focuses on STX blocks progress.
  2. COMING SOON: Grouped by Bitcoin Block: Shows BTC blocks flow alongside STX blocks.

Grouped by Bitcoin Block

Stay in the Loop with Live View

Keep up-to-date with blocks in real-time with our new live view option.

Stacks.js: What’s New


Install the latest nakamoto version with npm install @stacks/stacking@6.13.0.

The StackingClient in @stacks/stacking was updated to match the latest pox-4 contract.

  • Added StackingClient.signPoxSignature()
  • Added Pox4SignatureTopic enum
  • New stacking arguments for StackingClient.stack, StackingClient.stackExtend, StackingClient.stackIncrease, StackingClient.stackAggregationCommit, and StackingClient.stackAggregationCommitIndexed

Learn more about the new Stacks.js updates

Clarinet: What’s New

Make sure to install Clarinet 2.4.0 or above.

  • Clarinet’s devnet can now be used to test Nakamoto functionality. To enable this, add the use_nakamoto = true flag to your Devnet.toml.
  • The devnet now starts 2 signer nodes in Nakamoto mode.
  • Running clarinet check --enable-clarity-wasm now runs the current interpreter and clarity wasm side-by-side to allow comparing outputs.
  • clarinet console --enable-clarity-wasm now automatically runs the current interpreter and clarity wasm side-by-side and logs any difference in outputs.

Learn more about the new Clarinet updates

Stacks Blockchain API: What’s New


The /extended/v2/* endpoints represent the modern API that is being continually expanded to support the Nakamoto upgrade. We encourage developers to use v2 endpoints for new developments. Be aware that /extended/v1/* are the older set of endpoints. Though they continue to function alongside v2, be advised that they will be deprecated in the coming months.

New Testnet URL

Nakamoto endpoints

The Stacks Blockchain API has a series of new endpoints to support the upcoming Nakamoto upgrade:

  • Get Proof-of-Transfer details per Cycle including Signers and Stackers, with information about stacked STX amounts, payout addresses and signer weights
  • Get a list of Stacks blocks per Bitcoin block to support the new Nakamoto mining mechanism
  • Get all transactions relevant to a STX address or Contract ID including filters for FT and NFT transfers
  • Support for the new Nakamoto tenure_change transaction type across all our transaction endpoints
  • Get a summary of current network mempool transaction fees, including statistics for expected confirmation priorities
  • Get the deployment status of multiple smart contracts in one call

All of these endpoints are backwards compatible with Stacks nodes running version 2.4 or earlier

Event Replay optimizations

  • Optimize replay speed by creating a new parquet-based ingestion that optimizes for canonical chain information
  • Optimize classic TSV event replay by improving block ingestion times

New transaction type tenure_change

Affects endpoints:

  • /extended/v1/address/{principal}/transactions
  • /extended/v1/tx
  • /extended/v1/tx/{tx_id}
  • /extended/v1/tx/{tx_id}/raw
  • /extended/v1/tx/mempool
  • /extended/v1/tx/multiple

New endpoints: /extended/v2/*

  • /extended/v2/mempool/fees
  • /extended/v2/burn-blocks
  • /extended/v2/burn-blocks/{height_or_hash}
  • /extended/v2/burn-blocks/{height_or_hash}/blocks
  • /extended/v2/blocks
  • /extended/v2/blocks/{height_or_hash}
  • /extended/v2/blocks/{height_or_hash}/transactions
  • /extended/v2/addresses/{address}/transactions:
  • /extended/v2/addresses/{address}/transactions/{tx_id}/events:
  • /extended/v2/smart-contracts/status
  • /extended/v2/pox/cycles
  • /extended/v2/pox/cycles/{cycle_number}
  • /extended/v2/pox/cycles/{cycle_number}/signers
  • /extended/v2/pox/cycles/{cycle_number}/signers/{signer_key}
  • /extended/v2/pox/cycles/{cycle_number}/signers/{signer_key}/stackers

Deprecated endpoints

  • /extended/v1/block
  • /extended/v1/block/{hash}
  • /extended/v1/block/by_height/{height}
  • /extended/v1/block/by_burn_block_hash/{burn_block_hash}
  • /extended/v1/block/by_burn_block_height/{burn_block_height}
  • /extended/v1/address/{principal}/transactions
  • /extended/v1/address/{principal}/{tx_id}/with_transfers
  • /extended/v1/address/{principal}/transactions_with_transfers
  • /extended/v1/fee_rate
  • /extended/v1/tx/block/{block_hash}
  • /extended/v1/tx/block_height/{height}

View the API Reference here.