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Hiro Hacks

Hiro Hacks is a series of coding challenges that prepare developers to build on Bitcoin layers. We're dropping a new Hack the next three Fridays—December 1st, 8th, and 15th. And as part of the launch, we are giving away BTC prizes for the ten best submissions per week! Each Hack involves:

  • Discovery: Build awesome apps, overcome challenges, and win prizes
  • Advancement: Become a full-stack Stacks developer before the Bitcoin Halving in April
  • Supporting Resources: We'll offer guides and starter templates to enhance your experience and jumpstart each hack.
  • Community: Connect with peers and mentors on Discord, and share your creations with the world.

And there's also a grand prize for the hacker who best completes all three hacks...

Explore Hiro Hacks

Compete for BTC Prizes

Every week, we are giving 300K sats each to the 10 best submissions for each hack. We will also give a grand prize of 3M sats to the dev who submits the best and most consistent projects across all 3 hacks.

How Do You Submit Your Project?

Every week, you can submit your project by sharing your GitHub repo link via this survey.

You must submit your project by the following Wednesday at midnight ET in order to be eligible for BTC prizes. For example, the deadline to submit for the Dec 1st hack is Wednesday, Dec 6th at midnight ET.

After the submission deadline, we'll review all of the projects and pick the 10 winners. If you win, we'll send you sats.

For detailed instructions on what to submit as part of your GitHub repo, please view each hack's readme.

View the official rules of Hiro Hacks here.

Need Support?

If you have questions or need help with your project, reach out to us on Discord. You can find us on the #builders-general channel on the Stacks discord.

If you're new to the Stacks discord, you'll first need to:

  1. Join the Stacks discord.
  2. React with the 🛠️ emoji in the "pick-interests" channel.
  3. Ask us questions in the #builders-general channel under the "Builders" drop down and join the Hiro Hacks community.

Good Luck, Anon

Start your coding adventure with Hiro Hacks: every challenge is a new possibility. Happy coding, anon.