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Stacking pool members

Retrieves the list of stacking pool members for a given delegator principal.

Path Parameters
pool_principal string REQUIRED

Address principal of the stacking pool delegator


Query Parameters
after_block integer

If specified, only delegation events after the given block will be included

unanchored boolean

whether or not to include Stackers from unconfirmed transactions

limit integer

Possible values: value ≤ 200

number of items to return

offset integer

number of items to skip



limit integer

Possible values: value ≤ 200

The number of Stackers to return

offset integer

The number to Stackers to skip (starting at 0)

total integer

The total number of Stackers

results object[]
stacker string

The principal of the pool member that issued the delegation

pox_addr string OPTIONAL

The pox-addr value specified by the stacker in the delegation operation

amount_ustx string

The amount of uSTX delegated by the stacker

burn_block_unlock_height integer OPTIONAL

The optional burnchain block unlock height that the stacker may have specified

block_height integer

The block height at which the stacker delegation transaction was mined at

tx_id string

The tx_id of the stacker delegation operation