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Non-Fungible Token holdings

Retrieves the list of Non-Fungible Tokens owned by the given principal (STX address or Smart Contract ID). Results can be filtered by one or more asset identifiers and can include metadata about the transaction that made the principal own each token.

More information on Non-Fungible Tokens on the Stacks blockchain can be found here.

Query Parameters
principal string REQUIRED

token owner's STX address or Smart Contract ID

asset_identifiers string[]

identifiers of the token asset classes to filter for

limit integer

max number of tokens to fetch

offset integer

index of first tokens to fetch

unanchored boolean

whether or not to include tokens from unconfirmed transactions

tx_metadata boolean

whether or not to include the complete transaction metadata instead of just tx_id. Enabling this option can affect performance and response times.


List of Non-Fungible Token holdings

limit integer

Possible values: value ≤ 200

The number of Non-Fungible Token holdings to return

offset integer

The number to Non-Fungible Token holdings to skip (starting at 0)

total integer

The number of Non-Fungible Token holdings available

results object[]