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Get STX testnet tokens

Add 500 STX tokens to the specified testnet address. Testnet STX addresses begin with ST. If the stacking parameter is set to true, the faucet will add the required number of tokens for individual stacking to the specified testnet address.

The endpoint returns the transaction ID, which you can use to view the transaction in the Stacks Explorer. The tokens are delivered once the transaction has been included in an anchor block.

A common reason for failed faucet transactions is that the faucet has run out of tokens. If you are experiencing failed faucet transactions to a testnet address, you can get help in Discord.

Note: This is a testnet only endpoint. This endpoint will not work on the mainnet.

Query Parameters
address string REQUIRED

A valid testnet STX address

stacking boolean

Request the amount of STX tokens needed for individual address stacking



success boolean

Indicates if the faucet call was successful

txId string OPTIONAL

The transaction ID for the faucet call

txRaw string OPTIONAL

Raw transaction in hex string representation


Faucet call failed