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Get recent reward slot holders

Retrieves a list of the Bitcoin addresses that would validly receive Proof-of-Transfer commitments.

Query Parameters
limit integer

Possible values: value ≤ 250

max number of items to fetch

offset integer

index of the first items to fetch


List of burnchain reward recipients and amounts

limit integer

Possible values: value ≤ 30

The number of items to return

offset integer

The number of items to skip (starting at 0)

total integer

Total number of available items

results object[]
canonical boolean

Set to true if block corresponds to the canonical burchchain tip

burn_block_hash string

The hash representing the burnchain block

burn_block_height integer

Height of the burnchain block

address string

The recipient address that validly received PoX commitments, in the format native to the burnchain (e.g. B58 encoded for Bitcoin)

slot_index integer

The index position of the reward entry, useful for ordering when there's more than one slot per burnchain block