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Get recent burnchain reward for the given recipient

Retrieves a list of recent burnchain (e.g. Bitcoin) rewards for the given recipient with the associated amounts and block info

Path Parameters
address string REQUIRED

Reward recipient address. Should either be in the native burnchain's format (e.g. B58 for Bitcoin), or if a STX principal address is provided it will be encoded as into the equivalent burnchain format

Query Parameters
limit integer

max number of rewards to fetch

offset integer

index of first rewards to fetch


List of burnchain reward recipients and amounts

limit integer

Possible values: value ≤ 30

The number of burnchain rewards to return

offset integer

The number to burnchain rewards to skip (starting at 0)

results object[]
canonical boolean

Set to true if block corresponds to the canonical burchchain tip

burn_block_hash string

The hash representing the burnchain block

burn_block_height integer

Height of the burnchain block

burn_amount string

The total amount of burnchain tokens burned for this burnchain block, in the smallest unit (e.g. satoshis for Bitcoin)

reward_recipient string

The recipient address that received the burnchain rewards, in the format native to the burnchain (e.g. B58 encoded for Bitcoin)

reward_amount string

The amount of burnchain tokens rewarded to the recipient, in the smallest unit (e.g. satoshis for Bitcoin)

reward_index integer

The index position of the reward entry, useful for ordering when there's more than one recipient per burnchain block