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Get List of Available Networks

Retrieves a list of NetworkIdentifiers that the Rosetta server supports.



network_identifiers object[]

The network_identifier specifies which network a particular object is associated with.

blockchain string

Blockchain name

network string

If a blockchain has a specific chain-id or network identifier, it should go in this field. It is up to the client to determine which network-specific identifier is mainnet or testnet.

sub_network_identifier object OPTIONAL

In blockchains with sharded state, the SubNetworkIdentifier is required to query some object on a specific shard. This identifier is optional for all non-sharded blockchains.

network string

Network name

metadata object OPTIONAL

Meta data from subnetwork identifier

producer string




code integer

Code is a network-specific error code. If desired, this code can be equivalent to an HTTP status code.

message string

Message is a network-specific error message. The message MUST NOT change for a given code. In particular, this means that any contextual information should be included in the details field.

retriable boolean

An error is retriable if the same request may succeed if submitted again.

details object OPTIONAL

Often times it is useful to return context specific to the request that caused the error (i.e. a sample of the stack trace or impacted account) in addition to the standard error message.

address string OPTIONAL
error string OPTIONAL