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Get Core API info

Retrieves information about the Core API including the server version



peer_version integer

identifies the version number for the networking communication, this should not change while a node is running, and will only change if there's an upgrade

pox_consensus string

is a hash used to identify the burnchain view for a node. it incorporates bitcoin chain information and PoX information. nodes that disagree on this value will appear to each other as forks. this value will change after every block

burn_block_height integer

latest bitcoin chain height

stable_pox_consensus string

same as burn_consensus, but evaluated at stable_burn_block_height

stable_burn_block_height integer

leftover from stacks 1.0, basically always burn_block_height - 1

server_version string

is a version descriptor

network_id integer

is similar to peer_version and will be used to differentiate between different testnets. this value will be different between mainnet and testnet. once launched, this value will not change

parent_network_id integer

same as network_id, but for bitcoin

stacks_tip_height integer

the latest Stacks chain height. Stacks forks can occur independent of the Bitcoin chain, that height doesn't increase 1-to-1 with the Bitcoin height

stacks_tip string

the best known block hash for the Stack chain (not including any pending microblocks)

stacks_tip_consensus_hash string

the burn chain (i.e., bitcoin) consensus hash at the time that stacks_tip was mined

unanchored_tip string

the latest microblock hash if any microblocks were processed. if no microblock has been processed for the current block, a 000.., hex array is returned

exit_at_block_height integer

the block height at which the testnet network will be reset. not applicable for mainnet