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Get blocks by burn block

Retrieves a list of blocks confirmed by a specific burn block

Path Parameters
height_or_hash REQUIRED

filter by burn block height, hash, or the constant latest to filter for the most recent burn block

Query Parameters
limit integer

max number of blocks to fetch

offset integer

index of first burn block to fetch


List of blocks

limit integer

Possible values: value ≤ 30

The number of blocks to return

offset integer

The number to blocks to skip (starting at 0)

total integer

The number of blocks available

results object[]
canonical boolean

Set to true if block corresponds to the canonical chain tip

height integer

Height of the block

hash string

Hash representing the block

index_block_hash string

The only hash that can uniquely identify an anchored block or an unconfirmed state trie

parent_block_hash string

Hash of the parent block

parent_index_block_hash string

Index block hash of the parent block

burn_block_time number

Unix timestamp (in seconds) indicating when this block was mined.

burn_block_time_iso string

An ISO 8601 (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss.sssZ) indicating when this block was mined.

burn_block_hash string

Hash of the anchor chain block

burn_block_height integer

Height of the anchor chain block

miner_txid string

Anchor chain transaction ID

tx_count integer

Number of transactions included in the block

execution_cost_read_count integer

Execution cost read count.

execution_cost_read_length integer

Execution cost read length.

execution_cost_runtime integer

Execution cost runtime.

execution_cost_write_count integer

Execution cost write count.

execution_cost_write_length integer

Execution cost write length.