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February 2023 Product Changelog


Hiro continually makes changes and updates to products to add new features. Each month, these changes are described on these pages so users can better understand which products are affected, what changes and updates were made, and what users need to do to ensure they have these updates.

The sections below describe the changes and updates that were made in February.

Bitcoin and Ordinals

The latest version of Hiro wallet now supports Bitcoin and Ordinals by allowing users to create Ordinal inscriptions and also send and receive BTC.

The following are the product-specific updates to dive deep into our products.


  • The Ordinal support in Clarinet is now available with the updated Stacks-network component used with chainhook-event-observer.
  • Clarinet team introduced a fix to eliminate space when auto-completing a call to a function, which avoids errors in calling a function using Clarinet.


During wallet authentication, the stacks.js team added support for returning btc addresses. The Stacks.js team also documented btc-lib requirements.


The explorer team refactored the UI layer to remove StacksUI for faster development. Some of the popular changes include:

  • Contract balances are made easier
  • Collapse transfer blocks and microblocks and link to tx elements
  • Improved dark mode experience

Stacks Blockchain API

The API team is actively building new ordinal RESTful APIs as part of a new API microservice.


The documentation team had new functionality and features released.

  • Thumbs up/down functionality to know the feedback from end users.
    • Every documentation page now has a "Is this page useful" feedback form at the bottom.
  • New documentation for customizing your deployment plans. You can also watch a video walkthrough here.

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